Majestic has manufactured MLB batting practice

year uniform and footwear partnership deal that will begin in 2020

Baseball’s deal with Nike replaces an agreement announced in 2016 that would have seen Under Armour replace Majestic. Majestic has manufactured MLB batting practice jerseys since 1982 and has been the exclusive supplier of game uniforms since 2005 ## ## .

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The announcement officially makes Nike the king of professional sports leagues in America, as they already have uniform and apparel deals with the NBA and NFL.

“In addition, Fanatics is a valuable partner who has proven to serve our fans with speed, agility and quality service. We’re very excited about the possibilities this unique arrangement provides us over the next decade.”

Starting in 2020, anything that MLB players wear with a team logo on it will come equipped with the Swoosh. The deal also makes Nike the official sponsor for all of MLB’s grassroots initiatives.

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“We’re thrilled to bring more innovation and creativity to Major League Baseball and the incredible athletes who play the game,” said Tom Peddie, VP/GM of Nike North America. “This is an exciting time for baseball, and we look forward to partnering with MLB to grow the sport both across America as well as around the globe.”

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